martes, 23 de marzo de 2010

LuxMundi,Mr.Garcia&Magali en OVERLAKE High School

HEllo my students from Lux Mundi!
I'm writing to you from Overlake High School in Seattle! I'm in the computer lab of the school. Your friends(Ines M, Laura P, Pepo D, Alvaro M, Alba G, Marta N, Cristina C, and Sandra V), are with their American students visiting classes. They are all very happy!
We arrived yesterday night, after 23 hours!! We took 3 planes to get to Seattle. In Customs (Aduana) your friends had to talk in English with a police officer and they did very well. They were extremely happy to see that they could speak English with a policeman. After a very long trip, the American families were waiting for them and went to their new homes!!
Pepo, commented this morning - Mr Garcia, my bed was huge!!!! and their car was enormous too!!-
It has been a long journey to get to Seattle ,but fabulous!
Let's see if tomorrow I can paste (pegar) some pictures!
Bye Bye!

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