miércoles, 31 de marzo de 2010

Alvaro Martinez´s Diary -Saturday 27th of March‏

That day, Pepo spent the night at home with me, and in the morning, wu went to a gun show. It was really amazing, all types of guns, knives and ammo, well there were more things. I bought a zippo and a cup, very cheap in fact. After that, we went with Igal and Mark to have lunch at an Asian restaurant. Once we had lunch, we all went to see a huge fall near Seattle, we walked like a mile to take a few pictures near the fall, it was worthless.

At night, we had a party at Mat's house, we played baseball and more things. The food was very good, everything was delicious. All the Spanish exchanges were there, it was a really good time with them and our hosts. The teachers and parents were there too. Pepo, Igal and I almost get lost in the way, but finally we arrived. Then I went home, i was very tired so i went to sleep. I tried to watch a film in the PSP but it did not have enough battery, so i brushed my teeth and went to the bed.

P.D: I really wanted to buy one of those guns of the NRA but.... Im not a member, I'm too young and i do not live here, so.....
But i enjoyed my day =)

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