PET (B1)

PET CERTIFICATE (B1)  - Cambridge

Cambridge English: Preliminary, también se le conoce como Preliminary English Test (PET) - examen de Inglés preliminar, es un título de nivel intermedio. Certifica que es capaz de utilizar sus destrezas lingüísticas en inglés para trabajar, estudiar y viajar. Este es el título básico que hay que poseer para poder acabar los estudios universitarios.
  •  Vocabulary list for PET (pdf file from Cambridge webpage) - 51 pages in one file.
  • The content of the PET Vocabulary List is general in nature and is unlikely to
    cover completely the productive vocabulary that may be required by all candidates.Candidates should know the specific lexis they will need to describe themselves and their lives,for example hobbies,likes and dislikes.
Partes del examen
  1. Reading and Writing taken together - 90 minutes -(50% of the total mark)  
  • - 5 parts / 35 questions *Reading
  • - 3 parts / 7 questions   * Writing
  1. Listening - 30 minutes + 6 min transfer questions         (25% of the total mark)
  • - 4 parts / 25 questions 
  1. Speaking - an interview, 10-12 minutes -   per pair of candidates -   (25% of the total mark)
  • - part 1 - Conversation with examiner / Answering personal questions
  • - part 2 - The examiner gives students some pictures and describes a situation. Students have to talk to the other candidate and decide what would be best in the situation. SUGGESTIONS, RECOMMENDATIONS, NEGOTIATING AGREEMENT.
  • - part 3 - Describing a photograph - The examiner gives students a colour photograph and they have to talk about it.
  • - part 4 -  Discussion - Further discussion with the other candidate about the same topic as the task in Part 3. Talking about opinions, likes/dislikes, preferences, experiences, habits, et
Practice TEST 1 - Reading and writing
    • Once you click the link above, then click "My details are correct" / then "Start TEST"
  • Official Sample Test Cambridge: LISTENING (You need headphones or speakers)