miércoles, 31 de marzo de 2010

Cristina Conde's Diary - 23rd of March

Wednesday 23rd of March.
This morning I got up very early (at about five o'clock) because yesterday I felt asleep very early too. I sleep in Christian brother's bedroom, it's nice, it's so big. Later I had shower and I went down stairs, in the kitchen was Christian's mum, she prepared me a tea and we talk until Christian came and we went to school. We arrived school at 8 o'clock and I met everybody in the cafeteria. Then we went to the Museum of Flight, it was nice, there was a lot of different planes, there was a reply of the first plane and you can see how it has evolution. In the museum we had a guide, he explains us the different kind of planes, but he talked so fast and he used a lot of technical words and i didn't understand anything. In the Museum there was a shop , and I bought Spacial food for my brother, I think he will like it. Later we went to Dick's Hamburger Stand for have lunch, hamburgers are really good, Alvaro took a very disgusting drink, it tasted like tooth paste. After lunch we went for a walk, I really like USA, it's so big and beautiful. Then we returned to school, Christian had got a golf match so I went with the rest of the Spanish people except Marta and Laura and three american people to a shopping center it was so nice and so big too. Alvaro bought another disgusting drink it tasted like medicine. I bought a headphones because there are cheaper than in Spain. At 6 o'clock we went back to school, Christian and his mum were waiting for me so I went with them back to the house. In the house I gave them their presents, I think they really like them. Later I talked for a long time with Christian's mum, she is so nice, we had dinner and at about 9:30 y went to sleep.

Miercoles 23
Esta manana me he levantado muy temprano (sobre las cinco ) porque ayer me dormi muy temprano. Duermo en la hbitacion del hermano de Christian, me gusta, es muy grande. Depues me di una ducha y baje al piso de abajo, en la cocina estaba la madre de Christian, me preparo un te y hablamos hasta que Christian bajo y nos fuimos al colegio. Llegamos sobre as 8 de la manana y me reuni con todos en laa cafeteria. Despues fuimos al museo del vuelo, estuvo muy bien, habia mucho aviones diferentes y podias ver el primer avion y como este habia ido evolucionando. En el museo teniamos un guia, nos explicaba los diferentes tipos de aviones, pero el hablaba muy rapido y usaba muchas palabras tecnicas asi que no entendi nada. En el museo habia una tiendo, compre comida de astronauta para mi hermano, creo que al el le va a gustar. Mas tarde fuimos a la hamburgueseria Dick para comer, las hamburguesas estaban muy buenas, Alvaro escogio una bebida que sabia a tonico bucal, era realmente asqueroso.Despues de comer dimos un paseo, me gustan mucho los EEUU, es un pais grande y bonito. Despues volvimos al colegio, Christian tenia un partido de golf asi que me fui con el resto de los espanoles excepto Marta y Laura y los americanos a un centro comercial. Alvaro compro otra bebida asquerosa, sabia a medicina. me compre unos cascos porque son mucho mas baratos que en Espana. A las 6 volvimos al colegio, Christian y su madre me estaban esperando asi que volvi a la casa con ellos. En la casa les di los regalos que les habia traido, creo que les gustaron. Mas tarde hable much orato con la madre de Christian, es muy simpatica, cenamos y me fui a dormir a las 9 y media.

Marta Navarro´s Diary - March 26 - 2010

Friday 26th March

It is the fourth day here, in the United States, and I don't believe it yet.
Everything is awesome, it is SO DIFFERENT than in Spain...
Today, I woke up a 10 o'clock. It's really weird because I can't sleep a lot because of the jet lag.
Then I went with Noah to Subway (that is a sandwich restaurant) and then Cristina and Christian came.
Christian and Noah ate a sandwich, but Cristina and I didn't eat anything because we weren't hungry.
Then, we went to the cinema to see Alice in Wonderland, but we had 20 minutes to rest before the film, so I
bought some Nerds. Nerds are tiny and crunchy candies, and they're from Wonka's factory! Also, they taste really good.
Then, I bought a medium Nestea, but they gave me a HUGE Nestea that in Spain would be like an extra-extra-large.
When I tasted the Nestea, I was surprised because it wasn't usual Nestea, it was raspberry Nestea!
The film was nice, Cristina and I understood almost everything, I really recommend it.
Finally, I said goodbye to Cristina and Christian and we went back home.
Now it's half past seven and I'm listening to music in my iPod.
It's being a incredible experience!

Viernes 26 de Marzo

Es el cuarto dia aqui, en los Estados Unidos, y aun no me lo creo.
Todo es impresionente, es tan diferente que en Espana...
Hoy, me levante a las 10 en punto. Esmuy raro, porque no puedo dormir mucho a causa del jet lag.
Luego fui con Noah a Subway (que es como un restaurante de sandwiches) y luego vinieron Cristina y Christian.
Christian y Noah se comieron un sandwich, pero Cristina y yo no comimos nada porque no teniamos hambre.
Luego fuimos al cine a ver Alicia en el Pais de las Maravillas, pero teniamos 20 minutos para descansar antes de la pelicula,
asi que compre unos Nerds. Los Nerds son chuches pequenas y crujientes, y son de la factoria Wonka! Tambien saben muy ricas.
Luego compre un Nestea mediano, pero me dieron un Nestea ENORME que en Espana seria extra-extra-grande.
Cuando probe el Nestea, estaba sorprendida porque no era Nestea normal, era Nestea de frambuesa!
Al final, me despedi de Cristina y de Christian y volvimos a casa.
Ahora son las siete y media y estoy escuchando musica en mi iPod.
Esta siendo una experiencia increible!

Alvaro Martinez´s Diary -Saturday 27th of March‏

That day, Pepo spent the night at home with me, and in the morning, wu went to a gun show. It was really amazing, all types of guns, knives and ammo, well there were more things. I bought a zippo and a cup, very cheap in fact. After that, we went with Igal and Mark to have lunch at an Asian restaurant. Once we had lunch, we all went to see a huge fall near Seattle, we walked like a mile to take a few pictures near the fall, it was worthless.

At night, we had a party at Mat's house, we played baseball and more things. The food was very good, everything was delicious. All the Spanish exchanges were there, it was a really good time with them and our hosts. The teachers and parents were there too. Pepo, Igal and I almost get lost in the way, but finally we arrived. Then I went home, i was very tired so i went to sleep. I tried to watch a film in the PSP but it did not have enough battery, so i brushed my teeth and went to the bed.

P.D: I really wanted to buy one of those guns of the NRA but.... Im not a member, I'm too young and i do not live here, so.....
But i enjoyed my day =)

Laura´s Diary... 23rd of March

The 23rd of march was my second first day in overlake!it was very exciting to see all my american friends again! its surprising that here everyone is very kind and nice with me.
we attended our hosts' classes and that was fun because we went to spanish and everyone was asking me questions, and in science we made a motor.
we had pasta for lunch and it was very tasty, i loved it!
in the afternoon i went with my "mother" an my host to a redmund outdoors mall and it was huge!there were lots of stores that we dont have in spain
then we went to a supermarket to buy food for dinner, and I think that supermarket is the biggest one i've ever been in
i was so tired that I went to sleep at 8 pm, it had been a very busy day!

martes, 30 de marzo de 2010

Day 7 - Public Market y el centro de Seattle

OVERLUX intercambio BLOG

Hola a tod@s! (sorry x los acentos pero este teclado no tiene )
Este año la relacion entre los alumnos del Colegio Lux Mundi y The Overlake School va a sobrepasar una nueva frontera: la virtual. Juntos se ha creado un nuevo - concepto - palabra - word - llamado "OVERLUX".

Es la union entre el nombre del colegio americano "Overlake" y el colegio español "Lux Mundi". Hemos creado un blog para que los alumnos de ambos colegios puedan contar a sus familias, amigos, compañeros sus aventuras, experiencias tanto en un pais como en otro. Es un Blog que van a crear ellos con la ayuda de los profesores Alvaro, Micah, Kelli y Magali. Como estudiante encargado del proyecto: Jose Delgado Delgado (alumno de informatica).
Esperamos que os guste!

sábado, 27 de marzo de 2010

Day 3 - Photos Helping the Community with Overlake School

Day 3 - Dia de ayuda a la comunidad with Overlake School

Your friends and Overlake School join forces to help people who don't have enough food to eat!
We packed 5 Tons of green beans and it seems we helped 3.100 families yesterday.
(Vuestros amigos y el Colegio de Overlake juntaron fuerzas ayer para ayudar a gente que no tiene suficiente comida para comer! Empaquetamos 5 Toneladas de judias verdes congeladas y al parecer proporcionamos comida para unas 3100 familias. Que buen trabajo chicos!)


It is ten o’clock and I am sitting in front the computer to talk about this Thursday, our third day here! It is amazing, I love the United States! Everything is so big and different here!

Today we went to a food bank to help the poor people who need some food! At first it was a little boring, because we had to make a lot of bags of beans, I think we closed at least five thousands bags! But at the end, when we realized that five thousand families are going to eat this evening we were very happy about that!

After, I went to a mall with Laura and we were there for two hours buying things and talking to each other! And finally we went to the cinema to see Alice in Wonderland! I thought at first I would not understand anything but I understood the film very well! I am so pleased! I am very tired now, but I don’t know why, because it is only twenty past ten! I think we have done a lot of things today so I am going to the bed soon

martes, 23 de marzo de 2010

LuxMundi,Mr.Garcia&Magali en OVERLAKE High School

HEllo my students from Lux Mundi!
I'm writing to you from Overlake High School in Seattle! I'm in the computer lab of the school. Your friends(Ines M, Laura P, Pepo D, Alvaro M, Alba G, Marta N, Cristina C, and Sandra V), are with their American students visiting classes. They are all very happy!
We arrived yesterday night, after 23 hours!! We took 3 planes to get to Seattle. In Customs (Aduana) your friends had to talk in English with a police officer and they did very well. They were extremely happy to see that they could speak English with a policeman. After a very long trip, the American families were waiting for them and went to their new homes!!
Pepo, commented this morning - Mr Garcia, my bed was huge!!!! and their car was enormous too!!-
It has been a long journey to get to Seattle ,but fabulous!
Let's see if tomorrow I can paste (pegar) some pictures!
Bye Bye!

sábado, 20 de marzo de 2010

SONG:by 2ºesoA-B-The Beatles Videos

As I promised, here you can watch the videos from yesterday in class. We really had a great time, don´t you think? So, see you in two weeks!!
Have fun and be good!

miércoles, 10 de marzo de 2010

Do you remember? SPIDER PIG??

Hey class of 2ºESO
As some of you requested(pedisteis) I give you here the lyric of the great song
"SPIDER PIG" by Homer Simpson

Spider pig, spider pig!
Does whatever a spider pig does!
can he swing from a web?
No he can't
He's a pig!
Here comes the spider pig!!

PS. link to watch the video in youtube:

Reading Books - 3rd Term-Semester

Hello boys and girls! These are the reading books for the 3rd Term-Semester. I hope you like them! Mr. García

1ºESO - THE GHOST TEACHER - by Julie Hart

West Hill School is just an ordinary school, but one day a new teacher arrives and strange things start to happen. The teacher comes in a car that has no driver...

One day proffesor Lidenbrock and his nephew, Axel, decipher a mysterious message. It is the beginning of an adventure that takes them to the centre of the Earth. They go through many dangers, including volcanoes, and sea monsters...
EXAM DATE: 4th of May