domingo, 10 de febrero de 2013

Chefs at 1ºESO - Love Sandwiches!!!!

Great Sandwiches prepared by my students at 1ºESOA. I will add soon more recipes!


You need: two pieces of a baguette,jalapeños,york ham,lettuce,tomatoe and goat cheese.

Before you start take out all the ingredients and later wash your hands,please!!!!!!! First cut two pieces of a baguette.I´m not going to add any butter,because I don´t like it in a sandwich.

Then wash and cut the ingredients.The lettuce has to be cut very small, and the tomatoe,as well.Next put it all betwen the two pieces of the baguette.Finally serve it with a great and fresh lemonade or an orange juice.I like to use my hands to eat!!!!!

Lucia Frechilla

George's vegetal sandwich
You need: two slices of Bimbo bread, a little bit of mayonnaise, a can of tuna, lettuce, one tomato and some olives.
Before you start, don't forget to wash your hands!
First, spread mayonnaise on the bread. Then wash the lettuce and the tomato very well, they can be very dirty. Next, put four or five slices of tomato and one leaf of lettuce. After that, open the can of tunain the sandwich. Finally, cut some olives and put them in the sandwich. If you want to decorate it, stick it with an olive sticked in a little stick. Serve it with a juice with a straw. You can put chips on a bowl.

Jorge Pérez
-four slices of bread
-one egg
-two lettuce leave
-a slice of ham
-a slice of a cheddar cheese
Firts we put the butter on the bread and then we toast the bread. After that we put on the bread one slice of cheese and ham. Next, we close with other slice of the bread and we put lettuce and the frich egg on the top. After that we close the sandwich with the third slice of bread .In the third slice we do circle in the bread with the edge of a small glass.Then we take the bread after that we can eat the egg .Finally we eat the sandwich.It is delicious !
ENJOY!         by María Torres

You need:5 slice of bread,3 slice of cheese,serran jam,2 slice of sausage,3 slice of jam york and 3 eggs.
Before you start,don't forget to wash your hands!First,fry all the eggs then put the slice of cheese on the bread .Then put the jam over the slice of cheese.Next,add the eggs and the jam york on the slice of bread.After that,do this successively.Finally,serve it with a glass of water or a soft drink like diet coca.You can eat it with a knife and fork but I like to use my hands.
Enjoy!!!     María Garcia