lunes, 24 de mayo de 2010

P.E. class at Burriana Beach-1ºESO A/B 2010

*When we had finished the activities, we had lunch and Nacho threw my bottle to the sand (by Alvaro Costillo)
*I think that all want to repeat this trip.(by Ernesto Jaldo)
*All the group played a lot of games with Mr.Garcia and Pepe. (by Frank Sevilla)
*Nacho, Paco and Jose made a had and big and wonderful refreshment in a tiny mountain of stones(by Jorge Molina)
*Some of the students of 1ºEso A-B went to eat at a restaurant, others ate in the quiet and sunny beach. (by Mercedes Losada)
*Carlos,Arturo,Jose,Fran and I played football near the beach. (by Paco Huertas)
*Pepe LL. and Mr.Garcia ate in the "Chirringuito", an outdoor bar. (by Andrea Quesada)
*Celia, Blanca, and I played baseball and 1 x 2 at the beach. (by Beatriz Guerrero)

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